About Me

Andrew L. Kahn

I have always been intrigued by technology.  My parents love to remind me of a time where they came home and their Gateway 2000 computer was taken apart and was in pieces on the floor.  When I was in 7th grade my father challenged me to get my HAM radio license.  My Dad, WA8LIU, helped me pass my Technician’s license with the FCC granting my original Callsign, KC8WQX.  I joined my cousin Jan, WA8LIS, my Uncle Sherman, WA8LIT into the hobby of Amateur Radio.

My Junior year of High-School, at Miami Valley School, I enrolled in a class called “G33k.”  During that class I learned basic Linux skills and built my first computer.  I began to learn about networking and communications.  I continued my passion into college finding myself at Ohio University in a small program for Information and Telecommunications.  I earned a Bachelor’s in Communications.  During college, my close friend Tate wanted to get into HAM radio too.  He passed his Technicians exam (KD8SNF), we soon afterward both passed General.  I changed my callsign to WA8LIV afterward joining my family in the FCC ULS Database.


My faculty at Ohio University talked me into staying around college for another few years earning a Master’s Degree in Information and Telecommunication Systems.  It was an amazing experience as I continued my studies learning more TCP/IP, IPv6 and VoIP.  My cognate was Telecommunications Policy studying the Telecommunications Act and Network Neutrality.

Today, I continue to grow as an IT Systems Engineer Senior at Progressive Insurance in Tier 3 Network and Telecommunications.  During this phase of life, I have continued my work on radio passing the Amateur Extra license exam.