Current Projects

Raspberry 2 WebServer running WordPress

As you can see, this project is well on it’s way.  Originally, I was planning on using this Raspberry Pi 2 for something else but this project seemed cool enough to change my mind.  Web hosting is not something I had done prior.  Being a self-proclaimed geek, everyone asks, “do you have a website?”  I can finally say yes.  Give credit where credit is due, I followed many of the instructions from to get started.  So far so good though when watching Netflix I bet loads really slow…

To Do:

  • Content 😉
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), without cheating.  I won’t be asking my Mother/Grandfather.
  • HTTPS SSL Encryption
  • Migrate to Raspberry Pi 3

pfSense Router/Firewall

Since running a webserver requires some degree of security, I have been experimenting with pfSense, a great FreeBSD distribution for networking appliances and firewalls.  I have created multiple subnets allowing for a proper DMZ, with very limited access, for this webserver as well as a LAN for normal use.

Packages Installed:

  • Snort IDS/IPS
  • NTOP
  • NMAP
  • OpenVPN Concentrator
  • Squid for caching, though currently turned off.
  • QoS
  • VPN to Parent’s (Troubleshooting and off-site backup)
  • Reverse Proxy (cacheing and additional protection)

DSTAR DVAP on Raspberry Pi

Western D-Star G4KLX image.  Come find me on D-Star!

To do:

Migrate to MMDVM to add DMR capabilities.

Move DMZ to Public IP Space via AmprNET (Amateur Packet Radio Network)

To Do:

  • Get IP Space from AmprNET
  • OpenVPN tunnel to AmprNET edgerouter
  • Migrate DMZ