NPOTA Activation – Perry’s Victory – Put-in-Bay

Saturday, October 22nd will be my first NPOTA as some friends and I will be activating Perry’s Victory National Park on the island of Put-in-Bay, Ohio.  We will be running VHF/UHF FM, possibly D-Star on the high bands.  On HF we will be operating SSB and hopefully packet.


Jeff Kopcak – K8JTK

Bob Muller – K8MD

Andrew Kahn – WA8LIV

I can’t wait!



IPv6, Time Warner and Arris SB6183

WANMy friend Dave asked me today why I stopped hosting my blog on IPv6.  Upon digging through logs and pfSense’s graphing capabilities I learned that he was right!  My monitor page showed that pfSense had stopped recieving DHCP6 on the 11th of last month.

In doing a bit of  research, I learned that the Arris SB6183 had a bug and that Time Warner Cable opted to simply disable IPv6.

Hopefully they patch it soon!

IPsec – My LAN, Your LAN, Our LAN

For about a year I have wanted to get an IPsec tunnel between me and my parent’s.  This will allow me to drop a server there and store offsite information.  More importantly, it helps me troubleshoot their issues.  Multi-vendor IPsec never is easy, given IPsec is a standard it will always work.  I’ve been slowly learning Ubiquiti’s EdgeOS (Vyatta).  The command structure is very similar to Juniper’s JunOS.  Given that I’m not 100% familiar with EdgeOS, I’ve been using templates and code snippets from across the internet.  Like any, one cannot simply copy/paste.  These generic rule’s might not be efficient in everyone’s case.  I have modified my install heavily.  For example, I use as one of the host’s.  On consumer grade internet, my IP address could change.  Dynamic DNS updates and the tunnel fixes itself.  My parent’s are also now using Dynamic DNS.

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A Shameless Plug for my new go-kit

We all say we are prepared for when disaster strikes.  Are we ready?  Get out there and test your gear!

Edgewater Park - Cleveland

Edgewater Park – Cleveland – Lake Erie

During the off-season, I built myself a bit of a VHF/UHF  Go-Kit.  I can quickly and safely transport my gear to the outdoors.  I haven’t yet used this kit much for public service.  At today’s event, it was way overkill; we could have used bullhorns and yelled at each other from across the way.  I wanted to test my new setup.  It worked splendidly and now I have a better idea of what I am still missing.  Unfortunately, I had to call for a First Aid kit, this is something I should be ready for.

My Kit:

  • ICOM ID-5100a (2M/440Mhz)
  • Super Antennas MP-1 (80M-70CM with loading coils)
  • Room for one of my HTs (Currently a VX-8DR)
  • Battery (with powerpoles!)

Things I learned I’m missing:

  • First Aid kit
  • Cutout for a 2nd HT
  • A Vest letting people know I’m with the Amateur service.

Microphone Fright and Breaking Radio Silence

Admittedly, it’s been sometime since I have updated with a new post.  A lot has gone on in life the past few months.  I have not began any new tech projects to report but I have been very busy.  A lot has happened in life.

  1. I joined a Jewish Young Professionals group and also joined their planning committee.
  2. I began elmering a new Ham, KE8CFJ.
  3. I am enjoying additional responsibility, at work, having been promoted to IT Systems Engineer Sr. and have been named a NTOC Team Lead.

I am excited for all of these new experiences but hopefully will have more time to plan and come up with more posts.

The need for a better home router (Part 2 of probably many)

If you’re like I am.  You would like a great home router that is well-above consumer grade.  Linksys and D-Link simply won’t do, but, one can find some pretty good gear that might be interesting and fulfill actual needs.  For anyone that know’s me, I’ve always supported Ubiquiti networks for their cheap entry level professional gear; I will here too but only because I feel they provide great gear for a great price and will meet the requirements given. Continue reading