First real blog post / Content is still king

Step one complete, this site is up and functional.  As I sit down to begin typing words to this page, I realize that content is important.  In network and telecommunications, I often deal with the infrastructure and sometimes lose sight on the content of what is being carried.  The content that we carry is more important than how.  Why else would we provide the infrastructure to carry applications, content and media?  No one outside of a IT department cares how that content is carried.  They care when it isn’t carried.

Coming from a family of advertisers, my Mother, Grandfather and Aunt, at The Ohlmann Group I certainly knew this important lesson but was always more interested in carriage of content.  In beginning this project, I remembered the importance of spoken word.  In building a website on a Raspberry Pi, I still need to have something in it besides comments to myself of “<Reserved for future use>”.

I don’t know what all will end up here.  Maybe it doesn’t even matter.  I’m having fun and I’m stretching myself and the ~$60 it cost to set this up.

More to come.