Field Day as it relates to IT

This past weekend many HAM operators participated in Field Day.  For some this is a large contest where operators try to make as many contacts as possible.  For the majority of HAMs this weekend is testing their skills and practice for the emergencies we support.  This year the Amateur Radio Relay League encouraged participants to work with emergency power.  HAMs also are encouraged to go outside of their “HAM Shack” to operate and setup with less than ideal situations.

In IT, we have a term for this, Disaster Recovery.  HAMs are essentially practicing under DR.  High stress situations where one needs to get the communications network back up.  Sounds a lot like work doesn’t it?


That is the fun and the beauty of it.  HAMs, just like IT Engineers, need to practice to be able to quickly restore connectivity.  This practice could be the difference between helping during an emergency and having to sit out.  In IT, this DR exercise leads to MTTR or Mean Time To Recovery.

I hope everyone had a productive DR exercise at Field Day!