A Shameless Plug for my new go-kit

We all say we are prepared for when disaster strikes.  Are we ready?  Get out there and test your gear!

Edgewater Park - Cleveland

Edgewater Park – Cleveland – Lake Erie

During the off-season, I built myself a bit of a VHF/UHF  Go-Kit.  I can quickly and safely transport my gear to the outdoors.  I haven’t yet used this kit much for public service.  At today’s event, it was way overkill; we could have used bullhorns and yelled at each other from across the way.  I wanted to test my new setup.  It worked splendidly and now I have a better idea of what I am still missing.  Unfortunately, I had to call for a First Aid kit, this is something I should be ready for.

My Kit:

  • ICOM ID-5100a (2M/440Mhz)
  • Super Antennas MP-1 (80M-70CM with loading coils)
  • Room for one of my HTs (Currently a VX-8DR)
  • Battery (with powerpoles!)

Things I learned I’m missing:

  • First Aid kit
  • Cutout for a 2nd HT
  • A Vest letting people know I’m with the Amateur service.