Everyone is talking about Tesla Powerwall

I got home from work tonight and all over the internet everyone seemed to be talking about Powerwall by Tesla Motors.  Solar power, getting off of the grid, and environmental issues seem to be a hot topic today but let’s not forget the other benefits of batteries keeping your home “charged.”

HAM radio operators for decades have known the importance of backup power.  How else do you power 1.5KW signals during the worst of storms?  In IT and telecommunications we call this redundancy.  Power failing is a reality and unplanned downtime is not an acceptable outcome.  This redundancy is important but often forgotten by the consumer world.  Most homes using solar sell back the collected electricity back to the power grid.  At night, however, they buy much of that electricity back.  Tesla’s model appears to be replacing the backup generator with something equally unique.  Why not save this electricity for a rainy day?  For $3,000 you might be able to next year.

While I’d never want to power a full blown data center with Powerwall (the 2KW ceiling might prove a challenge), powering a radio and necessities is quite realistic.  It might even be able to keep wa8liv.com afloat (I strive for 99.999 percent uptime).  Today, people forget the importance of electric redundancy but struggle when it is unavailable.  Our phones aren’t even supplied power unlike POTS phone lines where the carrier provides the electricity.

What a cool world we live in, soon electric redundancy can become a reasonable solution for consumers.  This is a helluva’ first step in removing reliance on public electricity.